Fan of Photograpy

As some of you may know, it’s not just fashion, I’m talking about and living by. I also just love photography in particular. I didn’t really study it, or took classes at a school. I just do what I think is best :)

If you’d love to see some of my non fashion photos, please follow me on my Instagram account, I made for these kind of things.

Have a great weekend everybody!

And remember: Dress to impress and go for success!


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Let’s Win The World Cup

So if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks, you might not have noticed, but the soccer battle for the World Cup has started! And Holland is going strong!

At times like these, almost every big (food or drink) company has some sort of free (Or partially free) item that comes with certain products.
Think of hats, feathers, dresses, cheer suits, helmets, aprons, and the list goes on! Some of these are kind of fun, but most of them, don’t do anyone any justice. Figure wise. It’s best to experiment a bit, with orange clothing you’ve got of your own. And you could make some finishing touches, with the free items, you’ve got laying around the house, from all the supermarkets :p
During one of the games I even tried on a wig. I never really wear any wigs, so that was quite different.
Still I opt for a nice cute dress. Keep cheering for Holland people!

My parents are still selling some of the orange shirts and dresses. So if you’re one of those people, who don’t have a clue on what to wear, please come by!

Remember: Dress to impress, and go for success!

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Quite simple, but they do the trick!

Quite simple, but they do the trick!

Orange is the new Black! (For the moment)

Orange is the new Black! (For the moment)

Eye Spy @ The Fashion Centre

Hey everybody,

I was visiting the Fashion Centre with my mother a few weeks ago and suddenly a guy came up to me and told me, he loved my style. So he asked me if he could take my photo :)

How nice is that?

Sorry about the post delays. It’s been very busy, you just wouldn’t believe. Tomorrow I’ll go on a skiing holiday. Wish me luck ;)

Remember: Dress to impress, and go for success!

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Another Zany Zebra Look

Here’s another look I created with the zebra print pants I talked about in an earlier post.

Leather jacket: ‘De Corner’
Sweater: ‘De Corner’
Zebra pants: ‘De Corner’; Ruth And Circle
Shoes: ‘Zara’
Necklace: ‘H&M’
Earrings: ‘De Corner’.

Always try to experiment with your different kinds of clothing.






I’m Okay With Pray Day :)

So today it’s ‘Pray Day’ in our village. That means everybody gets the day off! No alarm clock, no stress, no school: I love these kind of days! This week I’m rather busy with a photo assignment, so that means I won’t be doing a lot of new posts.

Just for the sake of posting something to look at, I made this collage, of some looks I had worn in the past.

Which one is your favorite?
looks collage

Zany Zebra

Well this is me with my zebra print outfit. Because this print is black and white, you can make endless of cool combo’s with other clothing. Because bright colors, as well as dark colors, will look cute with this.

Pants: De Corner; Ruth and Circle,
Shirt: De Corner
Leather jacket: De Corner
Shoes: Zara
Earrings: De Corner
Necklace: H&M.

And remember: Dress to impress and go for success!







Go Gaga for Zebra

At this moment if there’s something you need in your wardrobe, it’s a peace of clothing with a zebra print on it! It’s a real fashion thing right now! Especially in pants and in jackets! I have both of these in my closet already. I’ve always loved something with an animal print on it. As long as you choose the right items and combine them nice enough. Because if you don’t, you could end up looking cheap or trashy!

Dress to impress and go for success!

zebra collage

Sharon and the Fashion Factory – Part 2

Yesterday my mommy and I were at the ‘Fashion Factory’ in Amsterdam. It was loads of fun and we got our nails done and other super girly stuff :p Above all, we spotted some really nice brands for in my parents their store! I didn’t have much time to shoot a lot of photos, but to give you a bit of a taste of what it was like, I’ve included some for you of course ;)

At the end of the day we couldn’t felt our feet anymore! This was because of the (killing)heels we were wearing -_-

Most important thing is: We survived! And we will attend this event again next year! :D

Remember: Dress to impress and go for success!!!







Birthday Banter!

I’ve been through some very busy days. But they were also very fun! And I’m feeling as crazy to capitalize the FUN! :p The 16th of January was my birthday! My mother had ordered these super cute cakes and on the 17th of January I got a ‘Sweet 19′ party at my parents their house. During this party I wore a black and white jumpsuit and a blazer with paillette sleeves and some black killer heels!

- Jumpsuit – ‘De Corner’ / Sisterpoint;
- Blazer – ‘De Corner’ / Sisterpoint;
- Heels – ‘ De Corner’

Dress to impress and go for success!


jumpsuit sisterspoint


The morning after wasn’t quite as fashionable as I had hoped :(